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Hello everyone.

I am gradually getting the hang of all this. It’s never been hard for me to read a book – quite the opposite. But to actually STUDY it. . .well, well.

I have read through the Judith Wright poems and finally written the essay. I also read some more poems of hers, for the first time since we studied her for school. She was brilliant.

I also learned a lot more about classical mythology. All about nectar, ambrosia and Sol Invictus. All very riveting.

Now all I need is my copy of Remembering Babylon, which I ordered from the man @ the bookshop. Then I’ll be on my way.

Have a good one.


One thought on “Linda’s Blog

  1. All true…………..the nature of reading a book and the process of Studying them are two very different things. We are here to immerse ourselves in the words that are presented to us and perhaps we may bring something new to the subject with our own observations and insights.

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