Linda’s Blog II

Today, I have read more than half of our text Remembering Babylon. It seems to be a story about being torn between 2 cultures, sort of an Aussie version of Dances With Wolves. We could call it dances with dingoes.

I also unearthed a couple more of David Malouf’s books, including his autobiography 12 Edmondstone Street. So there’s plenty of reading ahead, but I’m sure to know him a lot better by the end of it.

I also found a book of Patrick White’s short stories, so I’ll be reading that after the one in our workbook. They say his writings are very involved. It’s called The Cockatoos, no puns intended LOL.

In conclusion, I will finish the work I did on Judith Wright and wattles by including a poem I wrote. It was much less involved than hers, of course.

The Wattle
I see you in the morning
Your cold blue winter leaves
Your blooms of golden fluff
Give me courage to start the day
You shine like the sun
And your sweet perfume
Hangs in the frosty air


2 thoughts on “Linda’s Blog II

  1. It is good to hear of all the books you are unearthing Linda and your comparison of David with Dances with Wolves is very insightful. Maybe you can talk with David about this next week when he comes. Great work

  2. Hey Linda, I too want to read more of Malouf’s writings. I will seek out more at the conclusion of this course. I will put some of his books on the top of the pile of recreational reading that I want to do. Dave

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