Spring Reminiscing

“Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.”
– Virgil A Kraft

Now that’s something to remember, now that spring is here again. The cherry, plum and peach trees are in flower, with the vines not far behind, the air filled with the sweetness of wisteria and jasmine. The brunsfelsia trees are also a multi-coloured riot.

The rains are over, for now. The days are beginning to warm up and it can only get better. When the wind blows, it is no longer the bitter cold of winter, but carries a promise on the air. The promise is that it can and will get better.

Fresh green, for the leaves. Gold for sunshine. Blue for the beautiful warm sky.

What colours are there for me? Grey for my misery, brown for the dirtiness of life in the city, and black for the hearts of some.

The horrible people who tried to take advantage of me, the arrogance of others who can’t wait to look down their nose at you, and the treachery of those who enjoy kicking anyone who’s down.

To hell with them all!!!

Spring is here. By now I know that it isn’t only the plants that can regenerate. It isn’t only the birds that can sing their happiness.

Bring on the sunshine.


One thought on “Spring Reminiscing

  1. We can look at the blackness of some peoples hearts, or see the warm colours in others. e can look at the dark clouds of a storm brewing or look forward to the refreshing rains that wash the dirt away. The important thing is not to let the paper in our book of life to be blackened by the charcoal of others. We can (to some extent) select what colours we allow to be painted in its pages.
    I love your writing Linda. Your creativity is really starting to shine.
    Second semester sees a course called Creative non-fiction. It is taught by Karen, and even though it will overload my degree, and its a second year rather than a third year course, I want to do it. I am sure you would also love the course.

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