Peer Review X

Well, hello ssssailor.

Someone had to do it!  I was too caught up with the cross-dressing in the play, then the “gay” implications of this, in the interactions between Orsino and Viola or “Cesario”. Then the question of how hard it would be to pass for a bloke? (I’m researching the lives of some real women who did.)

So much so, that I missed the real thing.  Of course Antonio was in love with Sebastian, he’s the genuine homosexual in this play.  He saved his life, stuck his neck out in a place where there was a warrant out for him, and finally passionately defended Cesario, believing that she was her brother.  He did it all for love.

I have had no cause to write about LGBT issues this semester.  In Renaissance times it was all under the surface, in the closet (which meant someone’s bedchamber), but it was still there.  Christopher Marlowe had the classic pretty boy face, and I plan to read his play Edward II.  That’s the story of the gay king (or queen!), who was deposed in a rebellion by his jealous wife, Queen Isabella.

Also there was King James I, who may have done his duty with his wife Anne of Denmark, but preferred his male favourites.  Wits of the time used to say: Rex fuit Elizabeth, nunc est regina Jacobus (quoted in Norton).

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4 thoughts on “Peer Review X

  1. Hey Linda, I so love the tone you use when talking about the gay life. I shall read posts on the James kings with interest when you write them. I sort of think that gay live was not so much hidden ( everyone knew of such affairs) but they just weren’t talked about. Untidy business that. Hey, when you quote Latin, as you do so well, could you please give us uneducated the English translation. I am sure there is a great pun hidden there…if only I knew that it meant. Lol. Dave

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