Peer Review VIII

This is an very interesting post, Nigel. What you are talking about are the rituals of Aussie male bonding. The pubs of Stan Parker’s day were all male, except for the ladies’ lounge, so therefore much more blokey than drinking in many pubs today.

I remember that chapter about him hanging around the pub at Bangalay, while Amy struggled with the loneliness that went with being a housewife, in those days. I suppose I sympathised with her more, not surprisingly, but I can see the inside of that pub where Stan is trying to socialise, clearly while reading. He does say a lot about Australian culture, which has been hard drinking since the days before the Rum Rebellion.

In my experiences, pubs are not the place for profound thoughts, despite the old in vino veritas. You would be better to discuss philosophy in a cafe, or a library, it’s much less mindless, whether lubricated or not.

One thought on “Peer Review VIII

  1. ah, but you are forgetting dear friend that many a philosophical debate over the virtues of one football team over another in the back bar. “What about those crows? eh, Bloody ripper.” One mans bravado over another in the front bar. “AVGOYAMUG” , “Yeah righto, outside”. Both light a smoke, down the last dregs of their schooners and stumble towards an exit. One falls, the other helps him up. They stagger together out the door, both fish for car keys in their pockets and give each other a farewell…”See ya round like a rissole”…”Not if I see ya first… catch ya tomora”. the fight forgotten, friends once more.

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